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Data Aggregation at the Sensor Level

How you want it

Aggregate data by: complete data sets, stage number(s), one or all sources, or anywhere in-between.

WHen you want it

Access to data is unparalleled at Abra Controls. Get your aggregated data in real time at anytime in seconds rather than hours, days or weeks.

Where you want it

Access and view data on your phone or internet connected mobile device in real time where ever you are in the world. This also applies if you want us to stream it in real time directly to your server.

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Clinton Lott

Are you Spending 80% of Your Time Aggregating Data?

Engineers are often bogged down by their completions data. This often leads to tons of stranded data just sitting there.

“FDIs are the technology gateway to the next generation of fracturing operations. It offers the ability to decide, in real-time, when a treatment has reached its optimum effectiveness. The allure of this technology is simplicity and low cost of its application” - Dr. Ali Daneshy 2020

Is your data validation being affected by the following:

- Aggregation software/workflows relying on .csv file uploads
- 100s of .csv files are being emailed from multiple service providers
- Peak to Peak synchronizing of multiple data streams
- Trying to validate data that can’t actually be validated

Spend 80% of your Time Interpreting Data instead of Aggregating Data

Our proprietary aggregation method utilizes our best-in-class wireless gauges to time-synchronize and aggregate all completions data streams immediately, allowing you to focus on the real engineering work of interpreting the data.

Only Abra Can Provide:

- Aggregate all completions streams at the sensor: Frac, offset wells, ESP’s, bottom-hole gauges, etc.
- All Data sources share a unified time stamp
- Real Time Data Aggregation
- Real Time Visualization
- Aggregate partial data sets based on a stage or stages in seconds
- Utilize all of your data efficiently
- Aggregate at any frequency you want

The spotter tech Solution

In case you skipped our video...

Step 1 - View the Interactive Chart

The chart tab allows users to view realtime data in a visual manner.

Step 2 - Filter the Sources

Right click any source that you would like to remove from the charts.

Step 3 - Adjust the View Finder

Moving the view (scope) finder at the bottom of the charts allow users to view realtime data based on various date-ranges.


Leverage AI to increase your efficiency

"As customer frac data streams in, Spotter Tech's GPT-enabled chatbot can be told to run a wide range of analysis on each stage. This includes falloff pressure analysis, water hammer, and closure pressure from dianostic fracture injecton tests—tasks so time intensive they are usually only done on a post-job basis or outsourced to consultants."

Trent Jacobs, Senior Technology Editor
Journal of Petroleum Technology, March 2024

Only Abra Can Provide:

- apples
- oranges
- bananas
- see us in the March 2024 Issue (
Rick Stanley
Technical Sales
Clinton Lott

The Abra Solution

Follow us on LinkedIn for more information on FDIs and data aggregation.

The spotter tech Solution

Follow us on LinkedIn for more information on FDIs and data aggregation.
"Spotter Tech provided critical live data that caught an FDI and allowed us to adjust our pumping schedule on the fly. The automatic alerts were critical in allowing us to respond quickly to the situation."

Lucas Moss  
Senior Completions Engineer


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